Reimbursement Blog

Welcome to KBA’s Reimbursement blog. Our purpose is to provide an educational forum for busy medical device professionals. On a daily basis, we monitor the Federal Register, CMS, AMA, professional society and leading payer websites for announcements about medical device codes, coverage and/or reimbursement changes. When we find something interesting, this forum provides us with an opportunity to share it with our colleagues. Through the years, we’ve learned that knowledge is power! In the coming year, we believe that coding and reimbursement will increasingly impact healthcare provider product purchasing decisions, as well as corporate business development decisions, especially those related to potential acquisitions and investments.

What differentiates us from other reimbursement consultants? We know how to translate policy into practical business solutions. While we enjoy researching health policy, we are known for our ability to anticipate changes and incorporate them into our client’s strategic reimbursement plans. In the area of medical device coding, coverage and reimbursement, what you don’t know can definitely hurt your business. Through this blog, we want to share education and information about the complexities inherent to U.S. healthcare financing and delivery. Consider this a quick “heads-up” on a new development that will soon impact medical device sales and marketing.