Kathryn Barry & Associates (KBA) is a firm led by a name known in the medical device industry for strategic reimbursement planning. KBA’s focus is to help medical device companies tackle the complexities of codes, coverage and reimbursement. Our goal is to help you design a strategic reimbursement plan that maximizes your product’s clinical, financial and strategic value with cost-conscious healthcare providers and payers.

In 2019, every medical device executive and venture capitalist should be concerned about how their products will be coded, covered and reimbursed. Are you on top of changes that will impact your salesforce’s effectiveness? Decisions from the American Medical Association (AMA), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and leading payers, such as Anthem, CIGNA and United Healthcare, are influencing how healthcare providers (your customers) are making purchasing decisions. Respecting how these dynamic changes in U.S. health policy will create new opportunities and avoiding damaging obstacles, will influence your company’s sales success in 2019. As payers and healthcare providers adjust their strategic plans, so should the medical device industry.

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