Reimbursement Risk Assessments

 A comprehensive analysis of available codes, coverage decisions and CMS National Average Payments. Our 5-tab study book defines what is needed from a sales and marketing perspective to achieve business success. This deliverable is frequently requested by venture capitalists and corporate business development executives. 

Value-Analysis White Papers

 A proprietary technology assessment position paper designed to lead cost-conscious healthcare providers to a favorable value-analysis decision for a company’s new product. This deliverable is frequently requested by Marketing executives who need a user-friendly reimbursement sales tool.

Payer Communications

 A comprehensive communication campaign designed to provide education and information to Medical Directors for the purpose of establishing medical necessity and obtaining favorable coverage decisions. This program also includes an appeals component, which can be launched within 24 hours of receiving a negative coverage and/or reimbursement decision from a payer related to the client company’s device-dependent product. This service is frequently requested by companies with new and emerging technologies.

Patient Advocacy

 Hands-on advocacy program designed to help patients launch appeals to their payers, when pre-certification and/or reimbursement has been denied for a client company’s device-dependent procedure. 

Marketing Communications

 User-friendly sales tools and reimbursement helplines designed to appropriately communicate reimbursement information to healthcare providers, consistent with FDA, AMA, CMS and leading payer decisions. 

Reimbursement Training

 Executive boot camps, sales workshops, web-seminars, conference calls and periodic field bulletins offer a flexible array of opportunities to provide accurate education and information to field sales representatives and their customers. 


 Coding and reimbursement will increasingly impact healthcare provider product purchasing decisions, as well as corporate business development decisions, especially those related to potential acquisitions and investments. 


 We translate policy into practical business solutions. While we enjoy researching health policy, we are known for our ability to anticipate changes and incorporate them into our client's strategic reimbursement plans. 


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