On July 31, 2015, the world stopped spinning for a split second and my life changed forever from a car crash that took the life of my wonderful husband, Jon. Work, family, faith and friends have helped push me forward.  Every day since that fateful night in Vermont, I have focused on how to live a “perfect” day.  As a lifelong workaholic, a large part of a perfect day has always been going to work.  This has been especially true for the past three years.  I have always loved going to work –  as a nurse in the ’80s, as a hospital administrator in the ’90s;  and as a corporate communications executive in the early 2000s; but the best job I’ve ever had is my current pursuit as a health policy consultant to leading medical device companies. I am very grateful to my long-standing clients, as well as to the continued “word-of-mouth” referrals from project clients who often become long-term retained clients as they launch their products in the United States.  A perfect work day, such as today, typically includes helping patients overturn payer denials; keeping sales reps in the safe-space of selling as they discuss coding and/or reimbursement with healthcare providers; and explaining the business significance of new payer policies to device CEOs and/or venture capitalists.  While there has been a brief hiatus in KBA’s web postings, we’ve been out there in the field helping sales reps, healthcare providers and patients communicate the benefits of medical device innovation to U.S. payers. As I think about “Pushing Forward”, I realize its time to resume sharing “pearls of wisdom” about coding, coverage and reimbursement through this blog.